Real or Fake: Hirngesteuerte Musik

Willkommen zur neuen Serie bei Creative Sideburns: Real or Fake. Wahr oder Gefälscht für die, denen Anglizismen ungeheuer sind.

Widmen wir uns also unserem ersten Fall: Bainwave controlled Music

Ein Interviewausschnitt:

Researchers can turn a person’s brain waves into music notes using a computerized mathematical formula. Some experts say that those notes can heal. When you play the “relaxing” file on your brain music CD, your brain tells your body to relax. When you listen to your “activating” or “energy” file, the theory is that you’ll feel more alert. Called brain music therapy, this treatment has been used by thousands of patients worldwide to treat anxiety, insomnia, even depression. How do you turn brain waves into music?

Dr. Galina Mindlin: Brain waves are translated into music digitally with a special algorithm. It took many years and the effort of a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, researchers, mathematicians and musicians led by Dr. Iakov Levine to develop this algorithm. Once the brain waves are converted into musical sounds, they are placed on a CD with a relaxing file and activating file and instructions on how to use them. What does it sound like?

Dr. Galina Mindlin: It sounds like classical piano music.

Ein Filmbeitrag:

Und nun die Frage zum Video:

Is it real or fake?


Dezember 18, 2008. Schlagwörter: , , , , , . Allet, real or fake.

One Comment

  1. creativesideburner1 replied:

    Wenn man sich das hier anschaut, kommt das einem realistischer vor:

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